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Moniqua (she/her)

Moniqua (she/her)

Moniqua is the Owner of Space Yoga Studio, the Lead Trainer in the Space Yoga Institute of Health and Wellness, and the Foundress and President of our nonprofit Project Create Space. Moniqua is a dynamic and knowledgable instructor who teaches in a structured, concise way. Moniqua believes that the ability to connect is what makes a great instructor.

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Moniqua (she/her)
  • Yoga Quickies: Savasana

    Our Yoga Quickies are here to help you learn the fundamentals of the yoga postures before (or maybe even after!) you dive into a full practice. Each tutorial is under 5 minutes in length and includes helpful tips and tricks from our experienced instructors on how to enter, exit, and remain in a p...

  • Yoga Fundamentals

    Instructor: Moniqua
    Length: 25 minutes

    Designed for beginners, this class introduces the fundamentals of posture, breath, and meditation.

    What you can expect: beginner-level movements with intentional focus on the most fundamental elements, accessible postures with modifications, moderate pacing.

  • All-Levels Simple Vinyasa

    Instructor: Moniqua
    Length: 23 minutes

    Join Moniqua in this all-levels Vinyasa class focused on building strength and mobility.

    What you can expect: a good mix of strength-building and accessible postures appropriate for practitioners of all levels, creative and dynamic movements to help your b...

  • Meditative Movement

    Instructor: Moniqua
    Length: 32 minutes

    Take a break from the fast pace of life and check in with with yourself this slow, meditative class.

    What you can expect: breath-guided movements focused on reconnecting you to your body, restorative and intentional postural work, offered at a slow pacing.

  • Mindful Strength

    Instructor: Moniqua
    Length: 29 minutes

    Join Moniqua in mindfully connecting to your power with strength-building, intentional movements.

    What you can expect: accessible movements focused on building strength, breath-guided movements that will increase the level of challenge, slow to moderate pa...

  • Slow Power for Strength

    Instructor: Moniqua
    Length: 29 minutes

    Who says strength work has to be fast-paced? Join Moniqua in building strength in gentle and accessible ways

    What you can expect: a variety of postures focused on deep but intentional muscle work, offered at a slow and meditative pace.