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Level 3

Level 3

Building on everything you already know about postural practice, our Level 3 classes give you everything you need to keep challenging yourself on the mat. All Level 3 classes are taught at a quicker pace and include more advanced-level movements and sequencing that will give you the opportunity to continue shifting your experience and growing in exciting new ways.

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Level 3
  • Fun with Arm Balances

    Instructor: Bethany
    Length: 31 minutes

    Join Bethany in building core and upper body strength so you can take flight in your practice.

    What you can expect: a variety of preparatory postures for arm balances, as well as practice with Crow, Handstand, and other intermediate-level postures.

  • Power Yoga with Intention

    Instructor: LJ
    Length: 25 minutes

    Challenge your strength and stamina with this creative, powerful flow.

    What you can expect: more challenging movements with focused work on different parts of the body, intentional and strength-building movements, quick pacing.

  • Cardio-Building Power Yoga

    Instructor: Bethany
    Length: 26 minutes

    Join Bethany in this powerful flow that will get your blood flowing and your heart pumping.

    What you can expect: quicker paced movements focused building strength in the entire body, increasing the heart rate, and getting your blood pumping.