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Bethany (she/her)

Bethany (she/her)

Bethany is an experienced instructor and practitioner who teaches in a fun, creative way. Bethany believes that the ability to create excitement and challenge is what makes a great instructor.

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Bethany (she/her)
  • Fun with Arm Balances

    Instructor: Bethany
    Length: 31 minutes

    Join Bethany in building core and upper body strength so you can take flight in your practice.

    What you can expect: a variety of preparatory postures for arm balances, as well as practice with Crow, Handstand, and other intermediate-level postures.

  • Opening the Side Body

    Instructor: Bethany
    Length: 17 minutes

    Join Bethany for a class focused on opening and creating space in both sides of the body.

    What you can expect: a good mix of strength-building and accessible postures, creative and dynamic movements to help your body learn new patterns, moderate to quick p...

  • Power to the Core

    Instructor: Bethany
    Length: 30 minutes

    Challenge your strength and stamina with this creative, powerful flow focused on building core strength.

    What you can expect: more challenging movements with focused work on different parts of the body, intentional and strength-building movements, quick pa...

  • Yoga for Strength and Stability

    Instructor: Bethany
    Length: 27 minutes

    Join Bethany in a powerful practice focused on upper-body strength and lower-body stability.

    What you can expect: a variety of strength-building movements balanced with stability and flexibility work, offered at a moderate to quick pacing.

  • Sun Salutation Remix

    Instructor: Bethany
    Length: 22 minutes

    Join Bethany in a beginner-friendly practice focused on variations of the Sun Salutations.

    What you can expect: variations on the traditional Sun Salutations (A & B) with a few fun, unexpected movements thrown in for good measure, offered at a moderate to ...

  • Cardio-Building Power Yoga

    Instructor: Bethany
    Length: 26 minutes

    Join Bethany in this powerful flow that will get your blood flowing and your heart pumping.

    What you can expect: quicker paced movements focused building strength in the entire body, increasing the heart rate, and getting your blood pumping.