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LJ (he/him)

LJ (he/him)

LJ is an energetic instructor and practitioner who teaches in a straightforward but poetic way. LJ believes that the ability to keep your students curious is what makes a great instructor.

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LJ (he/him)
  • Effort and Ease

    Instructor: LJ
    Length: 30 minutes

    Join LJ in finding the balance between effort and ease in your yoga practice.

    What you can expect: a balance of strength-building postures and opening and flexibility work, focused on upper body strength and hip flexibility, offered at a slower pace.

  • Power Yoga with Intention

    Instructor: LJ
    Length: 25 minutes

    Challenge your strength and stamina with this creative, powerful flow.

    What you can expect: more challenging movements with focused work on different parts of the body, intentional and strength-building movements, quick pacing.