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Langley (she/her)

Langley (she/her)

Langley is a spirited instructor and practitioner who teaches in a kind and playful way. Langley believes that the ability to create and hold safe space is what makes a great instructor.

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Langley (she/her)
  • Beginner-Friendly Vinyasa

    Instructor: Langley
    Length: 28 minutes

    Ease into the flow with Langley in this beginner-friendly intro to a traditional Vinyasa class.

    What you can expect: accessible movements guided by the breath, smooth transitions and easy-to-follow sequencing, slow pacing with longer holds.

  • Full-Body Power Up

    Instructor: Langley
    Length: 27 minutes

    Join Langley in a traditional Power Yoga class focused on full-body strength and flexibility.

    What you can expect: a variety of challenging but intentional movements focused on a balance between strength, balance, and flexibility, offered at a moderate to ...